Long Point Camp recognizes the fact that you are sending your greatest treasure to our camp! We want to make sure you’re comfortable sending them and knowing they are in good hands. Below are a few articles on how to make sure their week of camp is the best week they’ll ever have!

What Will My Camper Do at Camp?

Camp is an active place with plenty of physical activity for the benefit of a child’s health and well-being. Because Long Point Camp is a Christian camp, children are offered the opportunity to participate in Christian education, devotions, prayer and a worship service. Children get a taste of various activities while rotating among arts and […]

What to Pack For Long Point Camp

We reserve the right to search personal belongings and confiscate prohibited items and other objects that are determined inappropriate or potentially harmful to others. Cell phones and personal electronic devices that arrive at camp will be confiscated and held in the camp office until the camper leaves.

Preparing Your Child For Camp

Whether this is your child’s first visit to camp or they have been here many times, any trip away from home has the potential to produce anxiety in any child. Here are a few suggestions from Christian Camping International that may help get your child ready for camp: Talk about the activities they will be […]